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Concord Monitor, October 15, 2012

Gill is the clear choice for House

In the Hillsborough County District 39 House contest (Deering, Goffstown and Weare), Aaron Gill is the moderate candidate who will oppose the radical extremism that the Free Staters represent.

He will work to find ways to finance public education that are fair and equitable for all students. Gill will fight to preserve our already modest state safety nets and keep New Hampshire's spirit of self-reliance alive.

I have never seen a candidate for the Legislature work as hard as Gill. He does his homework and understands the content of the bills introduced in the House. His many public statements are fact-based and the result of a mature judgment. He is exactly the kind of state representative we desperately need in these times of polarized politics where truth has become a major casualty in our political culture.

Gill is running against Mark Warden, and the contrast could not be more dramatic. Warden is a dedicated Free Stater who moved to New Hampshire only in 2007. He is part of a movement that seeks to convince thousands of extreme libertarians to move to New Hampshire to build their utopia where government would be all but eliminated.

Warden voted to privatize the Department of Corrections He also voted to slash funding for the Children in Need of Services program, drug and alcohol abuse prevention and foster grandparent reimbursement. Warden then voted to eliminate the New Hampshire Healthy Kids program and de-fund New Hampshire Public Television.

The choice should be easy for any voter who wants to see our state return to a moderate path after the extremism of the past two years.

Don Johnson - Deering