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Goffstown News: July 19, 2012

My name is Aaron Gill, and I am running for State Representative in Hillsborough County, District 39 covering Deering, Goffstown, and Weare because current D39 State Rep and Free State Project member Mark Warden does not represent New Hampshire's interests.

In last week's Goffstown News, Mr. Warden made several statements I find misleading. He claimed the House had a 'focus on fiscal soundness.' Was it fiscally sound to cut the cigarette tax, resulting in padded tobacco company profits and $12 million in lost state revenue?

Was it fiscally sound to raise taxes on hospitals, resulting in the loss of 1,000 good-paying private sector jobs?

Was it fiscally sound to cut DOT funding, resulting in over 200 jobs lost and the inability to maintain their vehicle fleet or plow our roads?

Was it fiscally sound to reduce state revenue sharing, resulting in higher property taxes?

Rep. Warden also stated the House passed a balanced budget. Not according to John Lynch's June 24, 2011 press release: 'According to the legislature's own assumptions, the budget is unbalanced in Fiscal Year 2012.'

I would not have voted for Speaker O'Brien's unbalanced budget, but Rep. Warden did.

Mr. Warden also wrote of 'expanding educational opportunities.' But Mr. Warden voted to cut UNH funding in half, resulting in dramatically higher in-state tuition bills for our middle-class residents. How did that expand educational opportunities?

In fact, Rep. Warden's public education voting record earned him an F- from Defending New Hampshire Public Education, including votes to eliminate kindergarten and lower the dropout age.

Lastly, Mr. Warden was the sole sponsor of HB1511, which would have loosened restrictions on convicted felons possessing weapons.

It should be clear: Mr. Warden's voting record reflects Free State Project priorities, not New Hampshire priorities.

I intend to represent Deering, Goffstown, and Weare free from rigid ideology and out of state interests, by working with all House members to find common sense solutions to actual New Hampshire problems. Because of my pragmatism, I have the support of many Independents, Democrats AND Republicans. I am asking for your vote as well. Thank you.