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Goffstown News: October 4, 2012

Oust Republicans from the House in the general election

Goffstown's Republican primary leaves voters a clear choice in November. House Speaker Bill O'Brien gave the word to oust moderate Republican Rep. Russ Day and defeat candidate Todd Weeks. Right-wing organizations took a cue from the Tea Party favorite and sent out post cards to smear Day and Weeks. What was their crime? Rep. Day voted his conscience on anti-union bills, women's choice and marriage equality. Weeks is a firefighter.

The Republican reps left standing have pursued a radical far-right agenda. Reps. John Burt, John Hikel and Mark Warden all voted to repeal public kindergarten. They also voted to lower the dropout age, and to eliminate the requirement that all children receive an education at school or at home.

All three reps. voted to eliminate all licensing requirements to carry concealed handguns. They voted for the 'Stand your Ground' bill that would allow gun owners to shoot first in public places when they feel threatened, even when retreat is possible.

All three reps. voted to develop a plan to privatize the Department of Corrections. They voted to reduce revenue from cigarette, land line and meals and rooms taxes, costing the state tens of millions in revenue. At the same time, all three voted to slash funding for the CHINS program, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and foster grandparent reimbursement. They voted to eliminate the New Hampshire Healthy Kids program and defund New Hampshire Public Television.

Reps. Hikel and Burt also voted for a lot of bad bills that Rep. Warden didn't show up to vote on. The list is too long to fit in this letter; read more about their voting records at GraniteStateProgress.org. To read more about the Democratic Party candidates such as myself, go to www.GoffstownDems.org.

Tim McKernan - Goffstown