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Goffstown News: October 11, 2012

Vote Aaron Gill for District 39 state representative

The cowbird lays its eggs in other birds' nests, where they're raised by the other bird parents, displacing their own nestlings because of the aggressive cowbird behavior.

The Tea Party and Free State movements are doing the same thing to the Republican Party. In Goffstown, Weare and Deering, District 39 state representative candidate Mark Warden is one of the leaders of the Free State movement - a fact that he keeps quiet as he seeks traditional Republican votes.

Free Staters aim to take over New Hampshire, just like the cowbird, ultimately abolishing public education, safety nets for the elderly and disabled, parks and recreation and just about everything else we take for granted.

Google Mark Warden and read about him yourself - you'll be surprised at how extreme he is.

Fortunately we have a good alternative for the seat. Aaron Gill, a bright young businessman familiar especially with small business needs, is a moderate Democrat - the kind of candidate the Republicans used to field before extremist cow birds took over their nest. He deserves our votes.

John McCausland - Weare