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Goffstown News: October 18, 2012

N.H. deserves representation free from out-of-state interests

I'm Aaron Gill, and I'm running for State Representative in Deering, Goffstown, and Weare because the votes of my opponent, current representative and Free Stater Mark Warden, do not reflect the character of my friends and neighbors.

The Free State Project, which prompted Warden to move here in 2007 from Nevada, is an effort to recruit 20,000 Libertarians to move here, get elected, and begin passing legislation turning New Hampshire into a Libertarian state. See for yourself at FreeStateProject.org.

Proud New Hampshire citizens do not appreciate out-of-staters moving here and telling us what's best. We can govern ourselves.

We believe in strong public schools, sound roads and bridges, respect for teachers, police officers, and firefighters, and a strong middle class... but that's not Rep. Warden's plan.

HB1511, sponsored solely by Warden, sought to loosen restrictions on convicted felons possessing weapons.

His public education voting record earned an F- from DNHPE.org, including votes to eliminate universal kindergarten and lower the dropout age.

Warden's votes for HB1/HB2 slashed DOT funding, resulting in over 200 layoffs, lost Federal matching revenue, and the inability to maintain a vehicle fleet and plow our roads. These votes also raised taxes on hospitals, resulting in the loss of over 1,000 good-paying private sector jobs.

It gets worse. Not only is Rep. Warden a Free Stater, he's also a member of ALEC, a Washington-based special interest group. Their main goal is enacting model legislation state-by-state by recruiting State Representatives across the country through their lavish 'conferences.'

It clearly worked on Rep. Warden, who asked NH taxpayers to pay $300 for his December 2010 trip to an ALEC conference. The so-called 'Right-to-Work' bill (HB474) was ALEC model legislation, as was the 'Stand Your Ground' bill (SB88)-Rep. Warden voted for both.

That's not New Hampshire, and I wouldn't have voted for any of these bills. I believe our state deserves representation free from out-of-state interests, and state reps who vote with common sense. I have won the support of many Independents, Democrats AND Republicans, and I'm asking for your vote as well. Thank you.

Aaron Gill - Deering