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Messenger: July 13, 2012

In a democracy, voting should be encouraged and as easy as possible. Instead, the NH House tried to restrict college student voting access (HB176), and same-day voter registration (HB223).

'They're foolish. Voting as a liberal, that's what kids do...they just vote their feelings,' said House Speaker Bill O'Brien regarding college students, March 2011.

O'Brien also said same-day registration results in swarms of students at NH polls. I suppose if you believe students vote foolishly (or liberal) that swarms of them exercising their voting rights might be something of a nightmare.

I see same-day registration as a way to improve participation in our democracy, as the process is widely known to increase voter turnout.

Why is that bad?

Neither of these bills passed, but Republicans did enact a voter ID law that allows only a narrow list of valid identification. Beginning September 2013, that list does not include student IDs.

I don't have a problem with voters showing ID. I have a problem with requiring voters to pay for a specific ID they wouldn't otherwise need. We have a name for this kind of requirement: a poll tax. Thanks to the 24th amendment and a 1966 Supreme Court decision, poll taxes are unconstitutional.

If elected State Representative for Deering, Goffstown, and Weare, I will work to make our constitutional right to vote easier, including expanding the list of acceptable identification, and opposing any legislation restricting access to the polls. That's common sense and the right thing to do.