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Aaron Gill for NH State Rep Deering Weare
Aaron Gill and Weare's former Town Clerk Evelyn Connor

We can do better
NH's citizen legislature is a fantastic example of democracy in action, but sometimes it attracts folks with less than stellar motives. Obstructionism instead of progress, ideology over common sense, and rigid perfectionism over compromise. I believe governing is the art of the possible. I believe you have to listen to opposing points of view. I believe we can do better.

This is not a race to the bottom
As a two-term Deering Selectman, I know we can operate frugaly while preparing for the future. We can keep unemployment low without weakening unions, strengthen public education without demeaning teachers, and balance the budget without cutting vital services or downshifting costs to towns and thus, your property taxes. We CAN celebrate volunteers, teachers, first responders, and government employees for working together to make Deering & Weare a better place to live.

I'm a Regular Guy
I'm a commercial lender for a NH community bank, have a mortgage and college loans. Eager to better my community, I serve on several local boards and committees. Since I'm not a career politician, wealthy, retired, or an attorney, I do not look like most State Representatives! Wouldn't it be great to have more middle-aged working folks in the state house?

Aaron Gill for NH House Deering Weare

Legislative Priorities
-Forming an independent redistricing commission
-Bringing commuter rail to NH
-Permanent Medicaid expansion
-Cannabis legalization & taxation
-Raising NH's minimum wage

Legislative Concerns
-Improving revenue sharing with towns
-Improving fairness and equitability of revenue generation
-Supporting infrastructure investment
-Supporting equal rights for everyone
-Supporting efforts to battle the opioid epidemic

What I'll Fight Against
-Downshifting costs to towns without providing offsetting revenues
-Making it harder to vote
-Weakening union rights
-Attacking women's health services
-Northern Pass

Aaron Gill for State Representative Deering Weare NH