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Concord Monitor, July 4, 2016

A Better Voice in Concord Than Rep. Kurk
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I read the Monitor's Editorial, 'State must reinvigorate population,' (June 26) referencing Rep. Neal Kurk's concerns, with great interest. I also agree with the underlying issues in the editorial, but find Rep. Kurk's votes to be ironically in opposition to some of the solutions.

I'm running for State Rep in Neal's district, Deering and Weare. If my neighbors are concerned about this topic, and support public policy that aims to retain and attract younger generations to work and start families here, they should vote for me in November.

I'm 39-much younger than Neal and frankly most state reps, and I moved to NH in my late 20's. I'm clearly better situated to understand why young people live here. I'm also a serious candidate, serving my second term as Deering Selectman, among other local boards and committees.

New Hampshire has ranked last in support per capita for state colleges during most of Rep. Kurk's considerable time in office; we still do. I support increased investment to encourage kids to study in state, rather than leave for a less expensive education and never return.

Rep. Kurk submitted the amendment to strip commuter rail funding this year. I support rail, to increase mobility, gain access to additional workers, and give my generation the ability to live car-free while retaining access to Boston culture. To get a different result, you need different representation.

Rep. Kurk has given decades in service to New Hampshire. That's admirable, but it's time for a new voice.

Aaron Gill - Deering