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Concord Monitor, August 16, 2016

Kurk's Misguided Opposition to Gateway to Work Program
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I support 'Gateway to Work.' Rep. Neal Kurk , chairman of the joint committee that had the power to approve it, vocally opposed the program. It was not approved.

I am running for state representative in Rep. Kurk's district, Deering & Weare, this November.

The program would have used unspent federal monies to train workers our local businesses desperately need. It's a no-brainer. Kurk repeatedly cited process in his objection to this smart public policy, but a six-month pilot program could have been approved in his committee.

I'm a Deering Selectman; I was elected to do things, not obfuscate. I've strived to make decisions based on long-term objectives. My reasons for supporting Gateway to Work as Deering and Weare's state representative would be simple: support growing local businesses and move residents off public assistance.

I'm also a community banker who works with New Hampshire businesses. The most repeated complaint I hear is, 'I can't find any workers.' This forms the bedrock of my support for Gateway to Work. But I also know businesses need to invest to grow and thrive, otherwise they lose out to wiser, more aggressive competitors. Gateway to Work is an investment for our state.

How does Neal Kurk's opposition make New Hampshire more competitive? How does his opposition help New Hampshire businesses? How does his opposition reduce demand for public assistance? It doesn't.

Aaron Gill - Deering